Laptops or tablets for supervisors?

Greetings Survey Solutions Team,

In your experience on all the countries that survey solutions has been used, what is the best option for supervisors, to have a laptop or a tablet considering that they might work on field and in an office during the day?

Thanks in advance!

Assuming that supervisors would be users of the Supervisor application, I would recommend tablets, for at least three reasons:

  1. Cost. Tablets are far cheaper than (most) laptops.
  2. Supervisor Android app. The offline Supervisor app is available for Android tablets only. There is (currently) no offline Supervisor app for laptops.
  3. Flexibility. If you buy laptops for supervisors, those same tablets could be used for either supervisors or interviewers in the future. If you buy laptops, those are only useful for supervisors (and, perhaps, HQ staff).

All that being said, I cannot speak to the supervisor’s user experience working with Supervisor on tablets. For that reason, I would love for others to chime in.

Thank you very much for your reply. As you said, if we choose to buy laptops for supervisors it will not be possible to use the supervisor’s app and that’s a very important thing to have in mind. I wonder if you have any advice concerning the screen size of the tablets considering that supervisors will do their job through the browser also. For example, on of our concerns is that if we buy a 7 inch tablet it will be easier to type for the interviewers and supervisors, but we don’t know if maybe the HQ’s website will result dificult to visualize and use for supervisors.

Rather than offer specific tablet recommendations, I would advise that you buy 1 copy of a few devices with the same screen size and see what works best before making any large procurement decisions (e.g., 8 inch, 9, inch, 10 inch, etc.). If you have any tablets already, test those out first.