Language uniformity in screens of Survey Solutions (HQ)

Those are some examples where Spanish and English languages are mixed.

Could be a advantage has all the information in the same language.
Consider this in future updates.

Thank you Survey Solutions Team.

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Dear Kevin,

the translation is not automatic. When a new feature is added it is added in ENGLISH only. Then (perhaps, months later), when a particular language is updated, the new texts are translated. The same equally applies to other languages, not just Spanish.

All of your highlights are messages/texts added in the recent releases, after the translation to Spanish was done.

We can’t take liberties of translation ourselves to the languages we don’t master. And hiring professional translators we can only do so often.

You (others) can help by contributing missing translations. We can send you the necessary files (preferred), or you can supply a table:

English Text      Spanish Text
xxxxx              yyyyy
.........          ...........


Either way, it will take around a month before the users see the changes take effect.

Best, Sergiy

Hello Sergiy.

Of course I would like to collaborate contributing new translations.

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