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Hello everyone,

We have a Survey Solutions server for a questionnaire that we are currently conducting.
I have accessed the server from my computer which the language is in Spanish and, hence, I could see everything in Spanish. I was rejecting and approving surveys and my colleagues, who have also access to the server, could see “Rejected by Headquarters” in Spanish. I immediately changed my computer’s languge in English and accessed again to the server. Now, everything is in English but the “Status” is always shown in Spanish (see picture attached).
Do you know what could be the issue? What could I be doing wrong?
Thank you.

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I have observed the same thing on the demo server some days ago.
It is now back to all-english.

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Would you mind providing some additional details?
What language is configured on server where survey solutions is installed?
What language is used for statuses when you open survey solutions in browser using incognito mode?

Dear andrii,
Sorry for the late reply.
Our server language is in English but for some couple of hours it was changed to Spanish (I was not the only one with this problem). Some hours later I posted my message, it was again back to English.
Thanks for your concern.

So, is the problem still happening now? 7 months later??

No, it is not happening now. I