🐞 KNOWN ISSUE: v21.01 Can't export multimedia data

Following a user-submitted problem report the following is described as a known issue that we will address shortly:

After update from an earlier version to v21.01.0.30288 the multimedia data collected with earlier version is no longer exportable.

This applies to:

  • collected images;
  • collected responses to audio questions;
  • audio audit recordings.

The problem may manifest itself as:

  • error message on the export page and no possibility to export the data file, or
  • incomplete export file missing some information;
    and additionally,
  • the images and audio responses not viewable when reading the interview online (e.g. as a supervisor).

The problem do not seem to apply for fresh surveys that were started in version Only if data collection started in earlier version that was upgraded to

At the moment, the users that have started to collect any multimedia information (of the kinds listed above) are advised not to upgrade to until this issue is resolved.

We are investigating, and will notify here asap on the recommended actions.

The hotfix version should address the issue reported above and correctly export the multimedia data collected both before and after the introduction of workspaces.

Please, report any other irregularities to the support email as usual.