Kishgrid function

We are using the function [ SelectKish1949(tableNumber, size)]to select the respondent automatically.
But the respondent selected during interview is different in synchronized data as well as in exported data.
Similarly, the issue is same while rejecting the questionnaire. But we need the respondent selected during interview and synchronized data to be same.
Is there any issues regarding my code or it’s the feature of the function or its because of the new updates.

Here’s the code for automatic selection

Where, ADULT is the HH roster with name of the HH members.

Thank you in advance.

Dear Bhuwan,

Am Oganga from NSO in Kenya, am currently designing a survey, where intend to use the KISH selection, please if you had used Survey Solutions, could you share with me the final Questionnaire, after you addressed the issues mentioned above, on Survey Solutions Designer through

Thank you in advance
Kenya National Bureau of Statistics

Check the following discussion here:

Best, Sergiy

Dear Coganga,
Please check your email. I have shared the questionnaire. If there’s anything else, please do let me know.
Thank you,

Vous pouvez partager votre questionnaire avec moi. le questionnaire utilisant la grille KISH

Sorry for late reply,

I have shared the questionnaire in this email id (etchin). If this is not your email. Please let me know.


Merci beaucoup
J’ai bien recu