Khmer characters in exported data

User Boonsita Ravisopitying has asked

Is it possible to download the data in Excel format straight from SurveySolutions? because what we know is SPSS is region-specific which when we do the data collection in Cambodia and open-ended questions are answered in Khmer.

Survey Solutions allows exporting to a tab-delimited data format that can be opened in Excel directly. The text is saved in Unicode, which retains all Unicode characters.

When we download the data from SurveySolutions and transform it in SPSS in Bangkok, Thailand, those answers became ??? even if we have Khmer fonts in our computer. So we would like to know if there is any ways that we can fix this problem to make it readable by our side? Thank you in advance.

This may depend on many things, in particular the version of SPSS, particular transformations that you are doing and other which we are not aware of from the description.

In any case, at the end of the survey, download the data in ALL formats, even those you don’t have immediate plans to use.
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