Keep filters when approving/rejecting interviews

Currently, when you set a filter on which interviews to be reviewing, such as the questionnaire name or the status ‘Completed’, this filter is cleared when a user approves or rejects an interview.

It would be a much smoother workflow if the filters remained when the user approves or rejects the interview rather than having to set your filters again to find the appropriate interviews.

This is especially relevant as approving/rejecting an interview moves it to the top of the list, so they slowly take over the first screen of most recently modified interviews.
It would also be helpful when the user only wants to review one of their surveys at a time.


Scott, are you thinking of something like Gmail? When I search for messages, a user see a filtered view. After opening and closing a message in that filtered view, the user returns to the filtered view. To return to an unfiltered view, the user removes the filter.

If that’s essentially what you have in mind, a few questions to clarify what would be most useful:

  • How to make it clear that filters are being used. If the post-filter default is a filtered view, how should we make it clear that the view is filtered? Is the current UI OK?
  • When should the filtered view be “reset.” In your description, it’s clear when the filtered view should continue. But when should filtering stop? Only when the user take some action (e.g., clicking to remove all / some filters)? Other circumstances?

Yes, that is what I’m envisioning.

I think the current view is sufficient.
It could potentially be improved by including the filters in the title section where it says “Interviews(XXX)”
Eg “Survey XYZ - Approved by HQ - Interviews(XXX)”

I think that the main two workflows where the filters would be cleared are

  • Manually clearing them (A clear all filters option would be nice) and
  • Navigating to a different section such as Data Export/Questionnaires/Assignments
    – Personally I feel like clicking the Interviews top menu option should clear them as well, but that may not be a majority opinion.

When working within the Interviews section, I think the preference should be to avoid clearing the filters unless the user explicitly clears them.

This information is already shown on the left panel. Not clear why to duplicate it.

As mentioned, I do believe the current view is sufficient.
But I also believe there’s no harm making it even more clear that the list is filtered unless it clutters the view and obscures information (or is too painful to implement).