IT requirement for CAWI (respondents)

Are there any requirements for respondents (in terms of supported operating systems and/or browsers) for them to respond to a CAWI questionnaire? The FAQ for IT personnel mentions what browsers are supported for the Designer, but I saw nothing about CAWI. If a responent is using an Apple computer and the Safari browser, are they likely to run into any problems? I’d like to be able to include a note about minimum requirements in the CAWI invite, if needed.

The CAWI mode is web mode. So, theoretically, it should work on any browser, including Safari. We have not heard any complains from our users about the browser compatibility so far. So, it is safe to assume that CAWI mode in Survey Solutions is supported on any browser.

BTW, the web tester operates exactly as CAWI mode. So, if webtester works on a particular browser/computer (e.g., Apple/Safari) that means that CAWI will also work there.

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