Issue with the GPS locator

We have an issue with the GPS locator. It is not happening to all interviewers, but some persons are getting the following message:

This website does not have permission to use the Geolocation API

Please advise suggestion for resolution.

To the extent that I understand your description the problem it is not related to Survey Solutions, but rather to the user. The location that the software requests is considered “sensitive” information, and thus most system manufacturers include functionality to restrict access to such information.

In simple words, Survey Solutions can’t acquire location because the user prohibited that.

Why this happened can be explained by dozens of different scenarios, including decision of the user, policies of the organization the user belongs to, peculiarities of the browser configuration, and on, and on, and on.

The recommendation is simple: give the Survey Solutions website permission to acquire the location. The details on how to implement that vary. Texas State Law Library has guidance for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. (clearly one needs to substitute in the real address of the Survey Solutions data server instead of the Texas library). And, please, do not use Internet Explorer.

Hope this helps.
Best, Sergiy

Many thanks Sergiy, this is what I needed. Best, Davide