Issue with personal demo server and tablet data export


My name is Ahmet and I am interesting in testing your software for future studies done by my company. I want to see how the software works on tablets, more specifically if interviews can be recorded for audio and GPS.

I applied to a personal demo server to test the questionnaire I created with designer, however the server crashed within a few hours and I didn’t get to test too much. Seeing that the server wouldn’t come back on, I closed it and submitted for another personal demo server. Could you please approve my request?

I also have another question. Where does the data gets sent if one completes a questionnaire on tablet? I would like to check if the interview is being recorded properly and if the data was submitted correctly.

I am looking forward to your response and please ask me if you need further clarifications.

Thank you for your time,
Ahmet Seit

I suppose it was a temporary problem, you should try it again.

When you complete an interview on your tablet, the information collected is sent to the server configured as an access point on your tablet.
For example, if you configure your tablet with your PDS, the interviews you collect, complete and synchronize from your tablet will be sent to your PDS.

Hello kv700032,

Thanks for the answer. I closed my first PDS and requested another one. Can I have it approved?

Hello @AhmetS

I believe it is an automatic process that does not require approval, just submit your request and then you will receive an email with your credentials.

In addition, you should read this: Personal Demo Server

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I figured out how to cancel and resubmit my PDS request. Knowing it’s an automated process really helped. Thank you!