Issue with latest version of Tester app

Hi there,
I am currently facing an issue with the Tester application. When I open it, an error message appears telling me that I have to download the new version of the application. However, on the PlayStore I only can find the 21.06 version.
Am I the only one to encounter this issue?

Any tips ?

Many thanks,

Please give it a little bit of time, we have rolled out updates to the designer and web tester apps, which are under our control and they went live yesterday. We have also uploaded the new version to the google play store, but for whatever reason it seems like the update is not propagated to all users yet. Usually google’s review and update doesn’t take more than an hour, but this time there must be some technical delay.

I’ll update this post as soon as I see a new status on the google play portal.

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Ok, well noted !

Thanks for the fast reply!

At lest for me (I’m in the US) the new version become available on the play store. I think that the world-wide roll out is fast enough, bit in case you still don’t see it yet, please just give it a little bit more time.