Issue with @current: "The name does not exist in the current context"

I have a problem when filtering answers for a variable.
I want to only display certain options if a specific rowcode is selected… I tried the @current.@rowcode but i keep getting the answer after compiling:“The name current does not exist in the current context”

How do I fix that? Am I missing something?

(@current.@rowcode == 101 || @current.@rowcode ==102) &&

 @optioncode == 9
  1. I can’t imagine an expression that would combine @current and @optioncode. I don’t think it is even ever possible/valid.
  2. Your expression would only ever show option 9 and never any other options. This is almost certainly nonsense. Most likely you wanted to make option 9 available only for rows 101 and 102, but not for other rows. Writing your intent (in human language) as opposed to attempt (syntax expression) will relieve the readers of the forum from guessing of what you wanted to do.
  3. That said most likely the expression you are up to is:
    @optioncode!=9 || (@rowcode==101 || @rowcode==102)