Issue with Combo box on 19.06


I have a questionnaire with a few questions that contain combo boxes.Two of the categories in the combo box are Agree and Disagree.Ona tablet with the interviewer app version 19.06, when Agree or Disagree are selected, an error message pops up which says “Answer was not saved”, “Answer ‘Agree/Disagree’ does not match any category”.When any of the other categories are selected, this doesnt happen.

This isnt a validation rule created for the question in the designer.I tested the exact questionnaire on the same server on another tablet on version 18.12.5 and non of these issues arise.

Seems to be an issue beyond 18.12.5.I read the patch notes and cant see anything that could cause this issue.

I couldn’t reproduce the issue.

On a tablet:

In the browser (web mode):

  1. The message is indeed not your validation. Since this is a categorical question only a category may be selected. Not any arbitrary text. You will get the same message if you just type AAAAA there.

  2. It is strange to use a combobox for agree/disagree answers. This is typically used when you have a large number of options (~40+)

  3. Need more details on how to reproduce the issue.

Hi sergiy

Thanks for the the initial response.

To clarify some things.

The combo box questions contains 5 categories,“Strongly Agree”, “Agree”, “Neither Agree nor Disagree”, “Disagree”, “Strongly Disagree”.You can create a question with these categories.Also the category numbers are 5,4,3,2,1 where 5 is strongly agree and 1 is strongly disagree.

When Agree is selected, the error message is: “Answer was not saved”, “Answer ‘Agree’ does not match any category”.Same thing with “Disagree” but works for the other 3 options.

The questionnaire was created in June/July of 2017 and hasnt had updates to the the combo box questions in question since August 2017 and has been used for over 5000 interviews on many app versions and this issue didnt happen.This combo box was used for 18 questions spanning 3 sections and with such a large sample, it seems very unlikely that the issue wouldn’t have popped up.

The issue popped up when the very first interview was tried on version 19.06 and it happens on all 18 questions with the combo box.

Thank you for your help

Some of my interviewers were encountering this exact issue being described here. The issue was with two questions that are a multiselect combo box that is used to select the crops planted by the household. They sent me a video of the issue.

The interviewers are using version 19.06 (build 25146) on their tablets. I still have not been able to reproduce the error on my tablet using the same version of Interviewer as them.

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Dear Lena,

thank you very much for the update.
The video documents an incorrect behavior of Survey Solutions. We will investigate.

Regards, Sergiy

There is also unusual behavior in the single-selection questions with the cascaded combo box.

In my case, if initially in the parent question I mark an option, then in the child question the options that correspond to the marked parent option appear.

If for the second time, I select a new option in the parent question, at this point, the child question does not update its options and continues to show me the options of the initial selection that I made in the parent question.

Hello sergiy

My questions were single select combo boxes vs Lena’s multi select combo box

Hello Sergey

I updated to version 19.07 and didnt experience the issue. Im not sure if its confirmed fix as I havent seen any reply in this thread about it

Is it fixed in 19.07?

Dear Gamilp, details matter here.

I can’t deduce from your message whether you mean exactly 19.07[.0] or 19.07[.4].

The issue as described in the above conversation should not be happening in v19.07.4 which is the current version.

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy

Yes, I was referring to 19.07.4.

Thank you for for all the help

Yes, in v19.07.4 this should no longer occur.