Issue sending bulk emails on 21.06


We have a standalone instance of Survey Solutions installed on our own local server with the version 21.06.

Yesterday, we wanted to launch a new web survey, but when sending invitations to the 378 email addresses sampled, we always had the following message : “the application has encountered an unknown error :frowning: Please contact system administrator to resolve this issue”.

We have made the following checks, but nothing changed :

  • email provider configuration was ok (with AWS) and the sending of test email was successful
  • IIS and then the server have been restarted
  • upgraded to the last available version 21.06**.3**
  • nothing special observed on network flows
  • responsible is an interviewer and not a supervisor (issue found on forums)
  • tried with only one email address
  • tried on another workspace
  • tried with another survey on which we had made the same operation two months ago

The log files contained nothing really useful.

Finally, we resolved this issue by downgrading the version of SS to 21.05.3.

Have you already seen this issue with the new version ?
Is a bug fix planified for this in the next versions ?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.
Best regards,

Laurent R.

What did the log files contain?


Here are below the only errors we find in the headquarters log file, but I am not totally sure that they are directly related to our issue :

2021-08-30 15:51:16.674 -10:00 [INF] Return 1 events in “00:00:00.1250055” with 514 B size
2021-08-30 15:51:20.553 -10:00 [ERR] Unable to collect broken packages information
System.OperationCanceledException: The operation was canceled.
at System.Threading.CancellationToken.ThrowOperationCanceledException()
at WB.Core.BoundedContexts.Headquarters.Implementation.Synchronization.DatabaseStatsCollector.<>c__DisplayClass6_0.b__0(IServiceLocator scope, WorkspaceContext workspace)
at WB.Infrastructure.Native.Workspaces.WorkspaceExtensions.<>c__DisplayClass3_1.b__0(IServiceLocator scope)
at WB.Core.BoundedContexts.Headquarters.Implementation.UnitOfWorkInScopeExecutor.Execute(Action1 action, String workspace) at WB.Infrastructure.Native.Workspaces.WorkspaceExtensions.ForEachWorkspaceExecute(IServiceLocator serviceLocator, Action2 action)
at WB.Core.BoundedContexts.Headquarters.Implementation.Synchronization.DatabaseStatsCollector.Update(CancellationToken cancellationToken)

Assuming your description is accurate (in version 21.06.3 invitations can’t be sent to a new survey) it should be the case that the current PDS would not be able to send any invitations either. If it does, then there must be something else involved, which is specific to your server and that is not part of the above description.

I have just tried it with a PDS and it resulted in the same error message.
Correspondingly the defect has been noted:

You can follow the ticket to see any updates to its status.