Issue on current version 19.10.3 (25987)

Yesterday interviewers updated their tablets to last version 19.10.3 (25987) and two of them have following complains .

  1. The fiirst one is on loading that Loading assignment takes to long and keeps loading from 0% to 34% then it restarted again at 0%.
  2. the second is about completing assignments. When a form is completed and then completed button is pressed the form does not move to the completed tab. it remain on started.
    interviewers were working fine with version 19.10.1 before the yesterday updates.

The server is ( ) and the tablets are samsung SM-T285 running android 5.1.1.

Any advice please…

On 2.: I have experienced the same issue in an ongoing data collection. Try to log out of the Application, stop running the app, open again and log in! It should be displayed in the completed tab again. If not, you still can try to sync and the COMPLETED interviews, which might be displayed in STARTED, should be pushed to the server. That at least worked in my case. Might still be bit confusing for Enumerators though.

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If any interviewer notices such a behavior on the tablet the following should be undertaken:

  1. Log out of the interviewer app
  2. Take the interviewer app down (android swipe action to shut down the app).
  3. Start the Interviewer App again
  4. Log in

The interview should appear at the correct tab.

Correspondingly, the interviewer should not attempt to create another interview from the assignment card, even if it remains visible.

This behavior was first noticed this past summer, and a number of fixes has been already introduced to remedy the situation. For the remaining cases, we would be grateful if the troubleshooting information could be sent to support based on the GREEN support checklist.

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Thanks Sergly,

The interviewer is on the right tab now but now issue is on sync. We are getting " synchronization completed with error"
I m now trying collecting tab information to send to survey tech team also
Vitalii has this and he promised to investigate.

thank you

We are also facing the same issues regarding visibility of forms …at the same time we are not able to view our complete list of elements from single select…Kindly help us