Is Survey Solutions the right software for me?

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I’m hoping I can find my answer here. I am not a software, IT, or developer person but I have been tasked to investigate different options for a survey tool. Ideally this software would reside on an existing server, but the network would be stand-alone. The OS is linux-based (Redhat) and the Survey Solutions software would ideally be integrated into existing operational, cloud-based software that space operators access via desktop computers. Once they go through a specific scenario, I need them to take a survey about their experience, if that makes any sense. Thank you for your time!

Hello dallske.

I hope I can answer some of your questions. First, note that detailed IT and installation information is available here:

In addition, let me break down some main points.

  1. Survey Solutions can be installed on your existing servers. However, the Survey Solutions software runs on Windows Server OS. Given that you have a linux-based OS, IT can spin-up virtual machines, or docker containers in order to run Windows instance and install Survey Solutions.

  2. Survey Solutions supports web-interviewing, meaning you can deploy surveys to be accessed via web browsers. See here: Web Interviewing

  3. Once the software has been properly installed and configured, you can design and deploy your survey. Which you can then make available to users via a hyperlink. The web interviewing link contains the details of this.

Hope this was useful for you!

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You would need Internet connection at least at the time when you are setting up your data collection to import the questionnaire from the Designer.

I don’t understand this. “integrate” is a magic word that can mean anything to whoever reads this.

So the designer tool doesn’t come with the download package? One always has to develop surveys online at ?

See FAQ: Is there an offline version of the questionnaire designer?

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And also see the address change as explained in FAQ: Solutions website

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I appreciate your patience serigy, thank you. So what is included in the download if I have to create the questionnaire on the website, then pull it back in to gather metrics? If I have an intranet connection between my clients and my server, is that not sufficient?

Hello @dallske ,

for collecting responses in a web survey, see the instructions here:

Best, Sergiy