Is possible validate dates?

Hello everybody.

I have a question, how I can validate that my question of type date only acept future dates?

For example, If I want to know when going be present a member of the family, don’t let me put a past date like yesterday or two weeks ago.

I would like do something like:
self >= today
but I would like know how I can get the actual date.

My first idea is create a extra question for know the actual date, but I would like to know if I can do it whitout necesary create a extra question.

Somebody have another idea that how I can do it?

Thanks, greetings.

Sure, put a categorical question - come back tomorrow, come back in 2 days, come back three days later, …

Sure, I agree with that idea.

However what happen if the person come back in a specif date that isn’t in the options of the categorical question?

Do you think could be a good idea have an option “Other date” in the categorical question?
And If is checked this option I can enable a question for get when the person is going be present.

Thanks for help me.

?? Ask a numeric question “In how many days should I return”?
Why such a complication? Why not just validate return date against the date of the visit?

Thanks @sergiy

I going to do it of this way in my designer, there´s not complication way whit the numeric question.

I view asking numeric question as a complication. This is only since you’ve ruled out the current date when you’ve asked the question. I can’t imagine that the visit date is not captured anywhere in your survey. What is the survey?

I have a question of type Date for know the date of the first visit at the house, this question take the current date and time, also now I have a question of type Date for know when some person going be present in the house.

Suppose the variables is
dateVisit and datePresent.
dateVisit take a value like ‘2019-01-23 13:31:20’ meanwhile datePresent take a value like ‘2019-01-23’

In the validation I going to have some like this
datePresent >= dateVisit

The unique case is when the person is going to be present the same day that is the visit but more later.
The validation
datePresent >= dateVisit
is going to be false because I going to have this case
‘2019-01-23’ >= ‘2019-01-23 13:31:20’

Then how I can convert this ‘2019-01-23 13:31:20’ (dateVisit) in this ‘2019-01-23’?

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I resolved this doing it this way:

DateTime.Parse(self.Value.ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd”)) >= DateTime.Parse(dateVisit.Value.ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd”))

Thanks for support me