Is not possible download Survey Statistics report in XLSX format

Hello Survey Solutions team,

I am using a PDS but when I try to download the some report generate with Survey Statistics in format XLSX I obtain the HTTP ERROR 500

I don’t know if this is a temporary error, but I have tried more than twice and I always get the same error.

Thank you very much for your help.

We are able to download the Survey Statistics in xlsx format. We could do this on our local installation as well as the instance with the World Bank.

Did you try using a different computer/ internet connection, just to rule out that your computer firewall or Internet provider is not blocking/ restricting access.

Thank you for reporting this issue. It seems that xlsx does not allow sheet names longer than 31 symbol. Your questionnaire, probably, has a long title. We will investigate this and will fix in future releases.

As a workaround you can download csv file and open it via excel import

Hello Andrew,

Yes, my questionnaire has the title “Survey of Expectations of Macroeconomic Analysts”.

Thanks for your help and prompt attention.