Is not answered

I have two questions A1(multiple question) and A2. I would like to use enable condition in A2 that if there is no answer in A1 it will be do I write an enabling/disable condition for this?

nchodhury10, use the IsAnswered() function to determine if a question has been answered.

However, note that for some multiple choice question no selection is also an answer, for example

Which of the following movies have you seen?

  1. das Boot
  2. the Rock
  3. Terminator 3

If the respondent hasn’t seen any of these movies he will answer negatively to each item and your answer set is empty. Such questions are better designed with Y/N options, or to include specifically “None”.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Dear Sergiy,

Thank you for response the notes are very helpful for me.