Is it possible to upgrade started interviews?

Is is possible to upgrade a started interview to a newer version? I read but it does not quite answer the question.

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No, currently only assignments can be upgraded. Completed interview is a happened fact, which we do not touch.

I understand the possible use case wanting to reject an interview and send down the modified questionnaire but this may sound easier than it really is. What should happen if the modifications in the new version affect the collected data? i.e. fields are removed, enablement conditions close down the whole branch, new limits that make filled out rosters improbable? (you changed maxsize to a smaller number for example)…

Can you describe what is the case for your survey?

I’m still in the testing phase, but I was curious if it was possible. I guess this highlights that the design should be “perfect” before it is deployed.

I am not sure we are clear here on terminology. Just to be clear:

  1. A questionnaire is a instrument or template based on which the assignments are generated. In a world of paper, a questionnaire is a word file with questions.
  2. An assignment is a realization of a questionnaire with some information about whom to interview. In a paper world, an assignment corresponds to several empty brochures printed from a questionnaire file.
  3. An interview is initiated (is born) from an assignment. It corresponds to a process when an interviewer picks up an empty brochure and starts filling it in with answers.

Survey Solutions behaves very similar to that paper model. In other words, you can change a questionnaire file, there is no problem with that. If the printed brochures are empty, you can print new brochures and replace old brochures with the new. This is what we do when we update assignments based on the new questionnaire version. But once an interviewer started filling in answers into the paper brochure, it is not possible to replace that brochure without an interviewer filling the same answers into the new paper brochure. Similarly, once an interview is started, it is not possible to update it.

Is it possible to download started interviews so you can pre-fill the new assignment with these interviews?

Started interviews remain on the tablet until completion, so not visible on the server, unless it is a web interview. So yes and no depending on the situation.

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