Is it possible to join the two lists created from two rosters to create a single list and use it as a source question for other rosters/questions?

Hi all!
I have a first roster “Baseline members roster”, which goes through identifying data collected at baseline and check if these members migrated or not. I have a second roster “new members roster”, which goes through the number of new HH members and collect basic info. I want to be able in the survey to refer to the total list of current HH members (taking the baseline members that migrated and adding the new one), so that when there are questions such as “Who in the hh does…” I can link them to this actualized list of HH members. Thank you!

No. Use a single list of household members, where you append the new members.

OK thanks! I’ll try to do this.

How can I append the new members on a list? thanks

Type in the name of a new member in the list after existing members.

A few reasons why this won’t work in my case are:

  • we ask different question to members present at baseline and new members
  • the first roster for baseline members has a numeric hidden variable as its source question equal to the number of household member at baseline. While the second roster uses a list question with new names of the household entered.

At this stage I don’t see how I can merge the two list to have current members only (taken out those from baseline that say they migrated)
Would be great if you could give me a hand here. This is our last part of coding not working. Thanks!

Use a single list for all household members old and new.
Protect preloaded members:
Distinguish between known and new members by preloading a hidden variable in the members roster and condition on it.

I think I managed to do this method, after struggling quite some time with understanding the format of the proloading file (I was following the video tutorial and help page, but kept having message errors that I finally interpreted that ParentId and Id are not to be used anymore and use rostername__id and interview__id instead ? Would be great to have more material with updated features.)

With this new method however it appears that I can’t do the following two things:

  • filter the roster list conditioning a question (e.g . age) when used in a linked questions
  • take out from the list the households who migrated

Thank you for the help. I could share the questionnaire with you if that helps.


for the first bullet - link to the ROSTER that contains those variables (like age), not to the list of members.
for the second - once you’ve linked to the roster, you will have access to all the attributes there, including the status of whether still present, died, or migrated.

Best, Sergiy

OK thanks a lot. It works.

New little issue following this change: I have a section where I want to go through the list of current household members in a roster and ask questions on time use and employment for each member.
I can’t select the roster as a source question in a roster but only the list question with all members (old and new) but here I can’t filter them. How can loop over the update list of households member?

Hi Sergyi,

Any idea please ? Thanks again for the help.

Best, Claire


Here’s what I understand of your set-up: you have a list of old and new household members (e.g., members from baseline plus new members identified at midline/endline), and want to ask time use and employment questions of each current member. Is that right?

If so, assuming that the time use and employment modules are at the member level, make the rosters containing those questions have the member list as the source.

Thanks Arthur.

It is not quite what I have. If you look up in the conversation, I have actually a list of baseline members (among which some died/moved) preloaded and protected on which I append list of new members. This list is then used as a source question of a roster in which I asked who moved or passed away. That is in a first section.

In another section, I’d like to loop over the current hh members (baseline members still present- so conditioning on the variable inside the previous roster, and new members). How can I do this? Selecting the same list of households with proloaded baseline members does not help because members that are not in the hh anymore are in the list and I can’t find a way to take them out.

The only solution that I see now would be to move all my questions on time use and employment inside the roster of members.But this would be really a big change we want to avoid.

thank you

Claire, you need to link to a roster of members and not the list of members, and filter the members by a condition a la:

(still_here==1) || (known==null)

Where known is your preloaded hidden flag and still_here is a question for known members to determine if they still part of the household.

Obviously, still_here question is asked only if known is not null.



This is what I did for the linked questions “Who in the household…” inside my roster . That is fine.
But now I am talking about starting a new household members roster in a new sections. I want the source question of this roster to be the roster of current members (to be able to apply the conditions you are talking about), but I don’t manage that.


Is that clearer?
Thanks for the help.


Instead of selecting the roster as the source question of the roster (which does not work), I tried to repeat my list of households members with a multiselect question applying the filters to use it as my source question for my roster, but unfortunately (and this goes back to another feature I could not do), it is not possible to select a linked multiselect question as a source question of the roster.

Please can you advise of my issue? Many thanks,


Hi Claire,

In your previous problem you had to link your questions to the roster and not to the list. That was one thing.
In your current problem you have to link your new roster to the same LIST as the preloaded roster (as Sergiy said).
Your new roster will automatically have access to the variables of the preloaded roster. Just try it. Put the conditions in the new roster using variables from the old roster as if you were in the same roster.



Hi Klaus,

Thanks a lot. I had the put the filter in the enabling conditions of the roster.

However this does not work in the case of a roster of hh members inside an upper level roster, the variables from the members roster “do not exist in the current context”.For instance, I have the following structure.

How can I manage to select only the members from the baseline who are still in the hh, new members and above >10 yo.

  • Roster plot:
    • Question list multiselect liked to list of members (baseline + new) not filter: “Who in the household work on plot [id] ?”
      • Roster household members who worked on plot [id]
        * How many days/week
        * how many hours/day etc…

Many thanks again for your help,

Hi Claire,

Ok, this seems to be a new situation now, right?
Please confirm that I understand what you are trying to do here:

  • present the list of all current members >10 yo (multi-select)
  • link a roster plot_workers to the selection