Is it possible to hide the "Complete" field

Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to hide the “Complete” field, particularly in the case of self-administered web surveys? More specifically, to have “Complete” only appear as an option only when all sections have been completed. The issue arises because a respondent can select “Complete”, even by accident, and the interview will close from the Interviewer profile (i.e., move to the Supervisor).

We think it will be unreasonable to reject interviews from Supervisor -> Interviewer in self-administered cases.

Thank you,

The ‘complete’ button is not part of the designed questionnaire, but part of the application that ‘plays’ that questionnaire. So it is inaccessible to the author of the questionnaire.

Afaik, you can’t do anything to prevent it. May be put an instructional note at the beginning of the interview. May be put an error that will be visible on the completion screen. But may well dissolve in a bucket of other errors in the interview.

That would be too strict for many surveys. In most of them there will be questions the answers to which the respondents don’t know or don’t wish to provide. If it is unusable to you just drop it from the data and consider ‘never received’. This doesn’t resolve the “accidental completes” I agree.