Is it possible to hide options based on previous responses in a list question?


I have a list of 7 options in a given question. I want some of the options to be hidden based on ‘yes/no’ responses to previous questions. How can I achieve this?
Thanks in advance.

search the forum for similar cases. see this one for example:

This is different. The previous questions are binary yes/no. The question has options that pertain to the question, but not mentioned as a option in the previous question.

So Q1 Do you have A? Yes/No
Q2. Do you have B? Yes?No
Q3. Which do you use most? a, b, others

We require option A to appear in Q3 only if Q1 says ‘yes’.

Assuming Yes has code 1 and No has code 2 in Q1 and Q2. Also, assuming the code for Other is 999 in Q3 and you always want it to show up as an answer option. We can write the syntax for the answer option filter to look like this:
(@optioncode==1 && q1==1) || (@optioncode==2 && q2==1) || (@optioncode==999)

Thanks a lot for this! Works like a charm.