Is it possible to extract information from a different source and upload it when called

Dear All,

It is possible to extract information based on a number from a document stored/uploaded separately in survey solutions while designing. For example when a person identification number is entered, information such as name, education and sex will be uploaded by calling on the file which contains the information. the ID card number will be entered by the enumerator and the information linked to the ID card will be uploaded as when when it is called.

How can that be done

Thank you

Do you mean that you will give to each individual interviewer the full list of all the citizens with their

  • CIDs,
  • names,
  • birth dates,
  • education and
  • sex?

IMHO, that would be a security risk.

Why is this needed?

No I am trying to pre load some information which already exist but preload it only when the interviewer enters the ID number. Information which we already have.

If you wish to have information about person X available to the interviewer in the field then it must be in the tablet before the interviewer goes to the HH. If you don’t know who X is, then you have to have information about ALL persons in the tablet, and that is generally an issue.

I suggest you discuss with @ana_mol and @ashwinikalantri.