Is it possible to export defined Macros to a text file?

I have been using the Macros to keep track and document validation statements. So far it is working pretty well. I want to export all the validation statements that were written as Macros to a text file. The reason is to make an error book that will define (in detail) the errors and offer supervisor solutions to the to the invoked error.
So here is a sample of my Macro -


(sanitationSource != null ?
t_util.Missing.Length == 0 ?
sanitationSource.ContainsAny(2) ?
t_util.No.ContainsAll(16) ?

Warning[util_7a]: This household is CONNECTED to a septic pump but HAS NO septic pumping expenditures.

This household mentioned that they are connected to “[2] Flush toilet to own septic tank” but failed to report any expenditures. This is a warning because a typical septic system can be pumped every 4 years. If this is the case you should write a note and ignore this warning.

I can just copy and past into a document. But if there is an easier way I thought I should just ask.


Dear Pierre,

if you re-declare your macros definitions as variable definitions, they will be included into the PDF document generated for the questionnaire. The macros are not included into that document, but based on the example you provided, a variable is more suitable in this case. The PDF questionnaire will then have all the elements of the questionnaire for your documentation purposes.

Best, Sergiy

Thanks for the workaround.

All the best,