Is it possible to copy and paste parts of the survey from the tablet to another app on the tablet (specifically, messages)?

We are interested in copying and pasting information from the App Survey Solutions, but it appears that we cannot do so using a regular Samsung tablet. More specifically, during the ongoing survey, there is a particular question that contains pre-filled ID-specific information. Our goal is to copy and paste this question into a different app, allowing us to promptly send the information to the respondent via text. Are we doing something wrong? Is this something tablet specific?

Our goal is to copy and paste this question into a different app, allowing us to promptly send the information to the respondent via text.

When you say “a different app”, are you talking about another Survey Solutions questionnaire (e.g., listing questionnaire → select households → create household interview with a household’s information preloaded) or another non-Survey Solutions application (e.g., messaging application like Twilio)?

Thanks for getting back to me and sorry if I was not clear. I meant another app, specifically, we would like to copy and paste some static text to Whatsapp. Thanks!

So is it a question or is it a static text??

I see no problem to copy e.g. the content of a text question, and I see no way to copy static text. So depending on what you really meant you may get all or nothing.

Arthur’s question is deeper. It prompts you to think why is it that you need it in your operation (and there is a good chance you don’t), but you :zipper_mouth_face: don’t describe why.

Hi Sergiy! Thank you for your reply. Let me try to clarify again.

We are launching a phone survey: enumerators will call respondents and collect respondents’ answers using a tablet with Survey Solutions. We want our respondents to read a piece of text, which will vary for each respondent (this is fundamental for our research). Enumerators could simply read the piece of text out loud, but we really want our respondents to have the piece of text with them and read it themselves.

We came up with two possible solutions. The first solution is as follows: we could send the piece of text using a different software before the interview (e.g., Telerivet) and interview the respondent with Survey Solutions afterwards. However, there are two issues with this solution: (a) we really want respondents to receive the piece of text during the interview, and not before, and (b) respondents might have changed their phone numbers and we may send the texts to the wrong people.

The second solution (which we found more promising) is as follows: we display the text we want our respondents to read in Survey Solutions as a static text (or within the body of a question). Then, enumerators literally select the text on the tablet (just like you would select a paragraph on a Wikipedia article in your phone browser), copy it, and paste it on Whatsapp or SMS, so they could send the text to the respondent during the interview and to the correct number. However, neither we nor our enumerators have managed to select and copy the text (embedded as static text in the survey) from Survey Solutions using the Android App. It is as if the text in the app was different from a text on, say, a Wikipedia page (we cannot copy and paste the questions and static texts of the survey elsewhere).

I highlight the important feature I mentioned before: each respondent should receive and read a unique and different piece of text.

I hope this is clear and thank you for your help!

Hello @namubiruma .

Thank you for providing the additional information.

A paragraph on what I have asked and why, which most of the readers will not read

It doesn’t answer my main concern: should I (or anyone reading this forum for that matter) do this in my own survey? (Because I don’t do it currently) What I really wanted to learn is why is this necessary or why is this a good/best practice? Does it improve the quality of the data? Does it improve response rates? Does it increase the attention to details? Here is a [fictitious] example [based on a real but unrelated article]:

“The study by Wassiliwizky et. al (2017) “The emotional power of poetry: neural circuitry, psychophysiology and compositional principles” finds that recited poetry can act as a powerful stimulus for eliciting peak emotional responses, thus we want to read a different poem to different age groups of our respondents to elicit their cooperation in the module of sensitive questions in our questionnaire. We anticipate that we will get 15-20% less drops of interviews when reaching these questions in our survey compared to an approach when we don’t read the poetry”.

You will find tons of responses in this forum ending in “because my manager told me so”, “because my thesis supervisor told me so”, “because the client wants us to do it”, “because the template says so”, “because there is an option to do that in CSPro” etc, but no real reason.

Leaving out details of what the “piece of text” really is is also not helping. There will be very different directions of advising when the “piece of text” is a message of consent where you want to customize to use “Mr” or “Mrs” depending on the sex of the respondent, versus situations where “piece of text” is a password opening up access to a secure banking system. (and there are many situations in between these extremes).

Now, constructively. You wrote (leaving only what matters for my answer):

Noting that copying the text is not possible from the Android Interviewer App, I think the best strategy that fits all of your requirements is to use the Web Interviewer accounts for your interviewers. Working in the browser they will be able to copy from the static text elements in the interview. Here is an example (in Chrome):

This, of course, doesn’t guarantee that they will send it to the right phone number, as this will be a separate copy operation (one for number, one for text).

Hope this helps.

Best, Sergiy