Is a supervisor will able to do a interview or not

is a supervisor is able to do a interview
i am login in the interview app with the supervisor id and -password.
this shows a error that user id and password are incorrect.
my survey data collectio start tomorrow. please reply soon…

Dear Nirupama,

Here is the link to our documentation about the whole flow of the process:

HQ makes assignments - then Supervisor assign them to correspondent Interviewers - then they will come to Interviewer app.
So - you cannot log in with Supervisor’s credentials to Interviewer app.

Every member of the flow has his own responsibilities. Interviewer logs in to Interviewer app and then fills in the interview on a tablet. Then he completes it and send it to Supervisor to check it.

So - you have to use Supervisor’s credentials to log in to HQ server.

Use our support portal to see the videos and to check the documentation.

Best regards,

Komarovskaya Aleksandra

Survey Solutions Team Support