Introduction to Mobile Data Collection

Hello there

Im completely new to Survey Solutions, i have some experience with Kobo Toolbox and i was wondering the following:

  1. The interviewer app was not found on Google Play, i presume only licensed copies can be installed, how?
  2. Do all Android phones support interviewer app or only tablets?
  3. If i have a field team of +10 memebrs, can they all use one/same account at the same time to collect data on the field?
  4. Do the desginer and interviewer apps support Arabic language? And can you desgin the questionnaire in two languages so you can shift between each language for questions and close-end answers as desired ?
  5. Can the field team save an interivew, keep it as a draft, review it later and amend if needed, and then submit? Or does each interview have to be submitted to the server immediately after finishing?
  6. Can you export all collected data/interviews in excel format?

Thank you very much

You need to host survey solutions on a server (Kobo toolbox is hosted for you by Kobo inc). The android app can be installed from here.

You can use phones too.

1 account per user/device.

Designer supports translations.

can be done.

Yes will help you more.

Thank you very much

Does that mean i need to purchase a license for all +10 memebers ?

The software is free to download and use. No license. You do have to host it yourself and that will involve costs.

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