Interviwers not able to receive assignments on sync

Dear Survey Solutions team,

My supervisor has assigned 2 questionnaire to the interviewer but the interviewer on synchronizing did not receive any assignment. I noticed that the collected tab under assignment on supervisor dashboard has changed to 1 and is not 0 why is it changed. Can you help me understand. I have attached a screenshot of the assignment assigned to interviewer tandinwangmo1 but when she sync she is not able to receive it. What does the collected tab 1 and 0 indicated in supervisor dashboard.
What does expected and collected mean and how can the interviewer receive the assignment. Do i need t create a new one and assign. error in receiving

Both assignments on this page have Expected amount to be collected with value 1.
It means that until 1 is not collected this assignment will be responsibility of Interviewer.
Once 1 interview is collected this assignment will not longer be synchronized to interviewer tablet since all interviews (1 per assignment) demanding by assignments are collected.
Both assignments are completed and have 1 interview.

This situation could occur when assignment was assigned to Interviewer1, was synchronized with interviewers tablet, then assignment was reassigned to Interviewer2. Interviewer1 created and completed interview before next synchronization. Synchronizes this interview. System accepts it and completes assignment. Interviewer2 is trying to get assignment but it’s already collected.

If you need more than one interview per assignment - increase the expected value.
If you need another one -create a new assignment.

In short: only assignments with EXPECTED bigger than COLLECTED are synced (sent) to the interviewers’ tablets.