Interviews not shown in HQ

Hello everyone,

I am currently rolling out a CAWI survey using an istallation of Survey Solutions on AWS and I was able to see all the interviews in the ‘interviews’ tab until yesterday. Since yesterday evening no interviews appear anymore and instead I get an error message ‘Network error: Response not successful: Received status code 400’. Do you have any idea what might be going on?

The server status is shown as healthy. I was worried at first that the data might be lost, but I am able to export the data without a problem.


Could you please elaborate on what specifically happened yesterday?
If I understand correctly this is your server, right?

Dear Sergiy,

I didn’t do anything differently yesterday from any of the last days. I have done daily checks of the interviews and was going to do the same thing yesterday, but no interviews were showing up.

The Survey Solutions instance is running on an AWS cloud server set up for a partner government institution (and managed by an IT company). I don’t have direct access to the server, but I am the one currently using the admin account for the Survey Solutions instance. There are a few other users with headquarters’ rights, but no one has (knowingly) made any changes.

The good thing is that the data is still there and I am able to export the data just as before. New responses to the survey are also showing up, so the survey continues to be active and new data is being stored. Do you have any idea where I should start troubleshouting?

Here is the screenshot of the empty interviews tab.

  1. Contact other users:

do they experience the same problem? If no, that should point to your account problem, or something that you do kind of a problem.

  1. Try a different device. This should eliminate the client configuration problems. E.g. if using your business machine, use personal, or phone etc. If it works there, contact your corporate security office and ask what did they do. This is normal for most of them, to disable arbitrarily anything and wait for “when they need it, they will reach out to us”.

  2. Contact that unnamed IT company that manages the unnamed server in the unnamed partner government institution. Ask them to login to the server and access it locally (e.g. http://localhost …) if the problem is not appearing there, then there is something with the connectivity at the internet/intranet boundary. Perhaps, talk to @khomotsomaffa as he is experiencing a similar problem.

#3 is most probable given the 400 error you are getting, but #1 and #2 are fastest to check, hence the order.

Dear Sergiy,

thank you very much for your advice. Strangely, the interviews all showed up again the following day. I checked the Survey Solutions HQ probably 20 times throughout on Thursday and I got the error message every time. Now I see all the interviews again (on the same device, using the same browser and the same account). So, it’s still a mystery to me why the problems occured.

But thank you very much for your explanations. I will follow the steps in case something similar happens again.