Interviews Graphql Query dont get entities of type GPSCoordinates in identifyingData

I already have defined several questions on the cover (featured questions).
Each question has a different type: Number, Text, Select, and GPS, however, the entity of type GPS is not returned in the result of GraphQL for the interviews query (no filters) as expected in the identifyingData property.

That is right? or is a bugg?

I appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot

A partially educated guess, do you need to specify the components of the GPS question to return (e.g., long, lat, altitude, etc.)?

See here on how to find the interactive GraphQL editor associated with your server.

With a quick look it seems to be a bug, I was able to reproduce the error and also not seeing the qps question listed in the response. Will check in more details in the code to confirm whether this is a ‘simple’ bug or there is some deeper reason… will update the response as soon as we have more information.