Interviews are being rejected when trying to send them and exported data are not being updated

I rejected some interviews in order to re-measure plots that were not correctly measured. After that corrections, when doing the synchronizations, the interviews goes from completed to rejected! When I check the data on the server I can see that the recent data are they, however, when I export that to Stata or SPSS, the data that appears is the old one, for instance, if I measured 5 points of plot but during the the re-measurement I measure 7 points, when I synchronize the data from a tablet, it reject the synchronization, but in the server I manage the see the new photo that I took and also see the 7 new points, but when I export the data it only exports the data with 5 points, the first data collected!

Can you please help me?

Is it this issue as described here:


Thank you. The synchronization is working now.
However, I still have the issue with the corrected GPS data. What happens is that the second information (the corrected collected GPS data after rejection) does not appear in the exported data. It seems that the corrected data is not being saved in the server. Can you please suggest how to solve it?