Interviews appearing as rejected after completion without interviewer having been synchronized

My interviewers are listing blocks, buildings, dwelling units and households. They are using interviewer app V19.07.4 (build 25480) on a Galaxy Tab A 8"; 16 GB Wifi Tablet SM. On completion of the interview the interviewer app just changes the status of the questionnaire to rejected immediately. Therefore the interview cannot be synced to the HQ. Assistance is needed in correcting this problem.

Server Name:
Server Version: 19.07.4 (build 25480)

I tried to upload the images below not sure if it works:

We restarted the tablet and this resolved the issue.

To all users who are updating to Survey Solutions v19.07.4:

After receiving the update log the interviewer out, close the application, then restart the application, log back in and continue working as usual.

This seems to be needed only once immediately after receiving the update.