Interviewers not able to synchronise after the update to 21.05

Our field interviews are not able to sync their tablets ever since we updated the SS to the latest version. They also complain that all forms in the completed, started sections have also disappeared.

Screenshot provided by one of them is below:

We have called one of the tablets to check. Is there any possible expiation for this error?

The error message indicates unexpected exception. You will find the exception details in the tablet logs. See here:
and here

We expect to receive the tablet later today. Will send the logs across.

How are the Support packages transmitted? Will they get sent to the server automatically or will we have to manually get the zip file?

@sergiy I have sent the logs to the support email. Pls have a look.

I just got my hand on a tablet used by the field interviewer. It seems that no workspace was selected.

I clicked on the menu button > workspaces > Refresh workspaces (No workspaces were shown by before the refresh) > Select the relevant workspace.

This brought back all the interviews and we were able to sync now.

@ashwinikalantri , was this tablet updated from v5.22.20? The 2017 version? I mean, have you not updated for 4 years?

No, we have been updating regularly. We were using 21.01 before this.

Thank you for this information.
Will check our code to see if the versions are stamped correctly in the log files.

  1. The issue reported above by @ashwinikalantri is confirmed: Interviewers logging into the Interviewer App of v21.05 may find themselves with an empty dashboard not showing previously received assignments and collected interviews. The data is safe and the interviewer needs to refresh the list of the workspaces, during which a workspace will be selected. The interviewer should not attempt to uninstall and re-install the Interviewer App, or it will cause the irreversible loss of data (as for any Android App, the data is destroyed during the App uninstall).

  2. During the investigation of the above reported issue log files were inspected and found to contain a version marker for v5.22.20, which is a rather old version of the software, and was not matching the version actually used by the interviewer. Detailed review indicated that some versions of Survey Solutions marked the log files with this older version number, despite showing the correct build and version number in the App settings menu. This has been coming from a combination of our code and the process of release build and both will be immediately adjusted to eliminate this problem. This doesn’t affect the functionality of the program, as the incorrect version was only written to the logs, and was not involved in the process of determining whether the update is necessary or the App is capable of displaying a certain questionnaire.

Many thanks for reporting the issue (1) above and supplying the logs with which (2) was detected.

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