Interviewer to supervisor ratio?

What is the best ratio of interviewers to supervisors? (team size)
Has anyone encountered any problems with too small or too large teams?
How does it depend on the survey type?

Thank you, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,

I will try and put in my 50 cents comment on your questions. SPC has been assisting some the National Statistics Offices in the Pacific Region in their data collection activities using SurSol.

Due to the geographical and archipelago of the island countries, we try and advice the countries to ensure the Teams makeup suit the number of Enumerations Areas (EA) they are designated to, the length of the questionnaire, the cost of travelling, the duration or collection period, the population of these areas, based from previous censuses or surveys and the budget allocations for recruitment of field workers.

For Population Censuses, we always advise them to limit the number of Interviewers for each Team to be between 3-6, whereas, for a complex survey like the Household Income and Expenditure Survey, where the questionnaire is long and tedious, we try and limit the teams to 3 Interviewers to cover around 10-12 sampled households in each EA.

For a Census, we usually advice the countries to go for a one Interviewer-one EA proportion for easy monitoring and coverage of the EAs but in some cases, based on country requirements, there are places which are ‘Risk EAs’ due to some elements of criminal activities, which a number of Teams or Interviewers are assigned to work together and cover these risk areas. This tend to pose some complexity in the supervision and monitoring processes and requires good communication and coordination between the Teams and Interviewers to ensure the EAs are fully covered and everyone is captured.

Hope this helps,

Best, toga

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