Interviewer / Supervisor tablets not synching

Hi SS,

We have a team of 12 Interviewers running the Interviewer app that is syncing to the Supervisor offline app, both running version 22.06.10. We have an issue with three of the Interviewer apps that has occurred within 2 days from one another, that is failing to establish a connection to the Supervisor app. We receive the message, “Looking for Supervisor’s device. Check that the Supervisor’s device has WiFi and Bluetooth turned on and that you are within close proximity”.

We can confirm that the Supervisor is able to sync with the rest of the team as well as with our Headquarters server. We can also share files between the affected Interviewer / Supervisor tablets via Bluetooth outside of the Survey Solutions software.

We have tried the following:

  • Reinstall both the Interviewer and supervisor apps.
  • Unpair Bluetooth and retried connecting

Do you perhaps have any idea why the tablets are failing to sync with one another?

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Please try to restart both device and try to sync again.

Hi Vitalii,

We’ve tried that as well.

Check Android permissions for each app:
Android App Permissions

Dear @eehlers ,

After this line, I can make a guess that the android devices with Interviewer and Supervisor apps were paired via Android Bluetooth Settings. And that could be a reason of synchronization failing.
Also it would be great to know models of Android tablets and Android versions. Could you please share that? Did you update applications to the last version 23.09 (build 34943)?

Hi Sergiy,

Thank you, we have checked and can confirm that all permissions are granted for both the Interviewer as well as the Supervisor offline apps on the tablets, but unfortunately the issue remain.

Kind regards

Hi vfedoseev,

We removed the paired bluetooth connection between the Interviewer and Supervisor tablet and then we tried to re-establish the connection through the Interviewer and Supervisor apps and not through the Android bluetooth settings, Below is the tablet versions. No we don’t want to update to the latest version during our census round, we usually update at the end of our rounds.

Kind regards

Dear @eehlers ,
After some investigation, it turns out that the problem is into the Google Play Services update - version 23.34.14 (190400-560151436) and later.
As a temprorary workaround, we can suggest removing these updates via Android settings (Settings > Apps > Google Play Services > tree-dots menu > Uninstall updates), as well as you need to restart Interviewer and Supervisor applications. These steps helped me and offline synchronization works fine on my devices right now. Feel free to provide us with new updates.

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Thank you vfedoseev, this solution worked for us.