Interviewer / Supervisor app requesting to restart

Hi there,

We are trying out the Supervisor offline app, but we have noticed something which we are not sure if it is something on our side or on the software side. We are currently running on version 19.02.1.

When we assign work to the team, the Supervisor will sync his/her tablet to retrieve all the Assignments. The Interviewers will then sync their tablets to their Supervisor to retrieve their respectful assignments.

The Interviewers will then collect the Interviews and mark them as complete. The Interviewers will then sync their tablets again to send all completed Interviews back to their Supervisor.

The Supervisor will then review all complete Interviews and Approve or Reject the Interviews. The problem we are experiencing is when the Interviewers and the Supervisor try to sync any rejected Interviews back to the Interviewer tablet the Interviewer / Supervisor app says that the application needs to be restarted. After we restart the Interviewer app (Only), all the rejected Interviews are correctly synced back to the Interviewer tablet.

Could you kindly have a look if this is a common issue or if it is only related to us?

Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers

Which app specifically says this? Supervisor? Interviewer? Or is this a system message, then on which device?

What is the exact wording of the message?


The Interviewer app is the one prompting us to restart the app. We have found that this does not happen all the time but rather randomly and not always with the same Interviewer tablet. See attachment.

Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers

Dear Eugene,

the message is coming from Android, meaning basically that the Interviewer App has crashed. This is not a good sign and needs to be fixed. If you or any other forum users have a reproducible scenario, please send the steps to the support so that we can investigate. Until then the only advice would be to restart the Interviewer App as the OS suggests.

Best, Sergiy

Dear Sergiy,

Thank you, we will monitor the situation and I’ll report back with conclusive steps and detail as soon as we can establish a pattern forming relating to when and how the application crash.

Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers