[Interviewer] - Question about the assignment list

SS Team,

We’ve been using the Interviewer app on the field, and there was a question about the assignment list that we’d like to answer: ¿Is there a defined criteria for the order of the assignments on the dashboard? Is that criteria applied to the interviews too?
Is there a way in which we can define at will the order of the assignments on the dashboard?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @pcard!

The interviews appear in order of updates in the started tab of the Interviewer App on the tablet:

If you modify an interview (by making any changes) it becomes the most recently modified and goes down in the list of the cards:

Some recommendations:

  1. Avoid relying on a particular order. There must be some other selection criteria.
  2. Avoid issuing many assignments or having many interviews open. What is *many* is context-specific, but roughly it is “more than I can finish today and tomorrow”. For household surveys this is typically around 10-12 interviews and the corresponding assignments.
  3. Use the search feature of the interviewer to find a particular interview.
  4. Use calendar events to establish the visits schedule.

Best, Sergiy

@sergiy ,

Thank you for the answer. Related to your recommendations:

  1. There’s a particular interest on the order that the assignments are listed on the “Create New” tab. The plan that is being evaluated by the operational dept. is a sweep of the directions in certain areas. In that scenario, they’d like the assignments order on that tab to be based in the order in which the sweep is going to happen. Is that possible? Are there alternatives that are not order dependent?

  2. On a recent pilot we’ve encountered that the teams on the field tended to create assignments on a weekly basis, or to cover the workload of a week (This could go up to 50 assignments). The main reason for this was to avoid idle time between the interviewers (Depending on what happens on the field, created interviews could be completed between 5 mins and 45 mins aprox.). ¿Does this impact on the performance of the app?

  3. The search feature is useful when we need the value of one field on the cover page. In this case, multiple fields define the specific attributes of an address that makes it unique. There are cases where the search feature can’t filter enough assignments to make the job on the interviewer easier (For example, in urban areas we can have multiple households on the same main address, and fields that have some description in them are what separates them apart). The order of the assignments in the tab “Create New” would give the interviewers a sense of what to expect following the instructed sweep.

  4. Is the registered data on calendar events available on the export data?

Thank you again.

@sergiy ,

Related to the original question, we’ve been testing how the assignments are sorted on the Interviewer with basic questionnaires and we’ve found there’s some patterns we’d like to confirm. We’ve been able to see that the assignments are sorted based on:

  1. Questionnaire name: It’s evaluated based on the characters that compose the value (It seems that Interviewer sort the assignments alphabetically). If questionnaires are named “A” and “B”, assignments from questionnaire “A” come first.
  2. Identifying Information: Cover Page fields are consider in the defined order on the questionnaire. Then, each field is evaluated depending on the question type (We’ve tested with text questions and numeric questions). If it’s a text question, it’s evaluated based on the characters that compose the value (Just like the questionnaire name). If it’s a numeric question, the assignments are sorted from lower value to higher value. If the values are equal on the specific question, it evaluates the next field. If every value on every question on the cover page is equal, it sorts based on the assignment id.

Based on these findings, we’d like to know: Is this behavior expected? Is Interviewer developed to sort the assignments with this criteria (Or some of)?
If the answer is yes, is there a plan on the short term to change that behavior? We make this question considering that the technical/operational dept could use this information to elaborate the requirements to implement the design of the questionnaire and the creation of the assignments.

Thank you.

Create a preloaded question “order” with values o1,o2,o3,… for assignments. Interviewer to search for “o1”, if there is/are some - complete them first, then proceed to the ones in “o2” group, and so on. There is no sorting, but there is filtering.

Is the unit of assignment correct? For example, if you are currently assigning individual households, may be it is more appropriate to assign the whole city blocks instead? This will result in less assignments, and you can preload the households information into a roster of it, and control the order of the households in the roster.

No. And even if it was, I am not sure whether this would be meaningful.
If you need this - you could harvest that for all interviews via API calls to the HQ.
What is the task you are trying to solve with this? because for a large dataset it will take a long time, most likely.

Would a map dashboard help in this case, perhaps? You can start new interviews from the assignments shown on the map.