Interviewer on PC

We are running a survey, and will be issued to enter data after collection.

Is it possible to install the interviewer application on PC (Windows operating system)

What solution may be considered in case this is not possible.

Thank you.

Hello RAP2019

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The Interviewer App runs in OS Android 5.0 or newer. I’ve heard of people attempting to install an Android emulator on Windows and then Survey Solutions on top of that - a cumbersome and not reliable (though not entirely impossible) solution.

Instead consider using Web Interviewing mode. This can be done using any [modern] browser (such as e.g. Chrome), but does require an internet connection during the whole interview. The responsiveness will also depend on the speed and quality of such a connection (and may differ from the tablet, which doesn’t send the data anywhere until synchronization).

In short: yes you can use the interviewer application in a Windows browser, but you can’t install the interviewer application in Windows.

Some question types are not available or behave differently in this mode. Check the following table: