[Interviewer] - No spanish translations on certain menus, options, labels, etc

Dear SS Team,

We’ve found that certain elements of the Interviewer app that are not dependant on the questionnaire design are unaffected by the device language, leaving them in english. In our case, we’re using the app in spanish. Here are some examples of the elements we’ve found so far.

Text: Show boundaries.
Text: Online: …, Worldmap
Text: Select boundaries file.
Text … X hours ago.
Text: Add calendar event
Text: Add calendar event
Text: Progress
Text: Filters
Text: Refresh workspaces.

It would be appreciated some help on this issue.
Best regards.

These are likely cases where the user interface has changed, and there is translation in the application for new interface elements. The same is true for French. This is probably an area where a translation update would be needed.

@sergiy, not sure how the development team wants to manage this. In the past, before the project was open source, I believe this was managed by a structured spreadsheet of English literals and translations. Now that the project is open source, would it be preferable to continue using the spreadsheet approach or to point folks towards where these translations live in the project repo and ask for pull requests?

Hello @arthurshaw2002

Please see:
Updating Survey Solutions interface translations

Best, Sergiy

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