Interviewer level reports for HQ

The HQ user can see reports regarding the forms completed by each supervisor team (Teams and statuses). But they can’t see further drilled down reports for each interviewer under a supervisor (Can be seen when logged in as supervisor under Team member and status report).

I would like to see this drill down in the HQ login also.

Isn’t this a case for using an observer account?

Interesting. I had never really understood the use of an observer account. I think this for some one who is monitoring the survey without the access to the data.

As an HQ user, I would like to have granular insights of the data collection progress. I see that as an observer, I can peek into any user’s account in a read-only mode. And this does serve the purpose, but it looks like an convoluted path to the information. But this doesnt give an overview of the survey.

I am adding a quick mockup of what I want to see:


@ashwinikalantri, I defer to the SuSo team on whether there are any plans to undertake a similar table.

In the meantime, this could be done outside of SuSo. Since I know you’re an R user, this is something I was planning to do for my susoflows package. This would involve: gathering the data, computing the stats, and putting them in a display table. For the display table, reactable allows one to create this type of nested table with expandable rows and searchable content. See package example here and prototype closer to your needs attached


@arthurshaw2002 I am keeping an eye on your packages for Suso. I am also hopeful to see an update to @michael_wild’s package for V2.