Interviewer ID

Hi Support,

In headquarter, I can see who the person in charge with each survey is. Is it possible in any way to export this variable with the dataset?

So far, in order to see directly in my dataset who conducted the interview, I included an “INTERVIEWERID” variable as part of the identifying code. Then I prefilled this variable with my interviewer IDs and assigned the right interviews to the right interviewers.

For example, the interviewer named “Kim” has the Interviewer ID “7”. When I create my survey IDs, I also create my INTERVIEWERIDs. Then I upload the tab file with all cases for a team, and assign the cases with INTERVIEWERID “7” to Kim…

This process is rather time consuming when we have numerous interviewers in numerous teams, with several instruments and large sample size. Hence my initial question about whether it is possible to export the variable that is displayed in HQ.

Sorry for the long message and thanks for your support.
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Dear Benjamin.

You will find the interviewer ID (login name) in the file interview_actions which is exported along with your data. See the events of type Completed.

Best. Sergiy Radyakin.

Dear Sergiy,

Of course, I did not check this file :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot.