Interviewer has stopped

While attempting synchronization on the tablet, the application closes with an error interviewer has stopped. The data appears to be available. How do we recover data and how do we resynchronize?

Sorry to hear about the crash.

This is a message issued by the operating system. Not survey solutions interviewer app. So we don’t know from the message what went wrong.

  1. try to reach the server via a browser. Report how it goes
  2. observe the progress during the sync and note the last status that you see.
  3. check another device with the same server;
  4. check the same device on a different network;
  5. send all your observations to the support. It will not be possible to help without knowing the specifics of your device model android version of SurveySolutions server name and other details so take time to describe all this

Thanks Sergiy,
I was remote troubleshooting. Appears that my interviewer was changing date and time on his tablet after the initial sync. Once the system time was set right the crash did not happen again.
Not sure this is the explanation because there was a reboot also involved but this issue is now resolved.

Date, time and time zone must be set up correctly on the tablet.
Survey Solutions will not work if this is not set up correctly.
Manipulating the clock setting is often the first symptom of interviewers faking the data.

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