[Interviewer] - Freeze with some apparent information loss

SS Team,

I’ve been testing the new version of Survey Solutions (22.02) and I’ll describe what happened with a test interview that I’m filling:

I was filling a single select question on a combobox format that is inside a roster and suddenly the app and the virtual keyboard freezes. After about 12-20 seconds, the app resumes the interview, but it starts from the cover page. Checking the answers I realized that some of them were deleted (Or not registered). I used the Diagnostics option on the Interviewer to collect all data from the device and send it to HQ, but I can’t attach the generated file here to give you more information about this. Where can I send you the information so you can help me discover what happened?


Hello @pcarrd and sorry to hear about the issue.

  1. Does this problem occur only on one particular device? Can you reproduce the problem on a different device?
  2. Does this problem occur only with a particular questionnaire or with any questionnaire?
  3. Does the issue seem to occur always or depends on the particular data values that you’ve entered?

What are the exact steps that I need to do to reproduce the issue with a PDS server and my own tablet?

Hi @sergiy,
Was there a solution to this issue? We are experiencing the same problem with all our tablets. They all have been freezing during interviews at different points of the questionnaire. The drop-down menu has changed to a text field with auto-complete. This happened after the software upgrade to 22.02.3 (build 32287) on the server and interviewer app 22.02.3 (build 30004).

Good day @memo_mhembere ,
Could you please share you questionnaire on Designer? It would be really helpful to clarify the issue.

Best regards.

Hello @vfedoseev,
Thank you for getting back to me.
I have shared the questionnaire on the Designer.
Thank you!

I’ll clarify some information provided on the initial post:

  • When the app resumes on the cover page, it does it on another interview, not the same one that I was filling. According to some tests we’ve been doing, when the app freezes, it came back on the last created interview when the initial interview wasn’t the last one. If the interview i was filling was in fact the last one, the app crashes.
  • It doesn’t delete the answers given at the initial interview. I was mistaken since the app resumes on another interview.