[Interviewer] - Error creating new interviews

Hi SS Team,
I’ve been stuck with an error appearing on assignments created by batch. I have assignments for 3 different questionnaires and each of them gives me an error when I try to create an interview.

This is the setup I’m working on:

Version: 21.09.2 (build 29802) with Maps
SyncProtocolVersion: 7400
Android version: 10
DBSize: 3.7 MB
CurrentDateTime: 2021-10-28 9:56:11 AM

Your help will be much appreciated.

Probably something related to preloading data.
Try to analyze the preloading file for consistencies, perhaps our checks didn’t catch something. Reduce to smaller portion of data or try with an empty preloading.

Check if the problem happens on a different device with a fresh installation.

Hi Sergiy

We have same questionaire imported twice on the same workspace, when we export the questionaire definition the only difference in the JSON files is this:

$ diff CPV_CAPI_Area_Urb_PMM_1.json CPV_CAPI_Area_Urb_PMM_2.json
<   "Revision": 40,
>   "Revision": 46,

The same assignments ZIP files loads fine on version 1 and fails on version 2 of the questionaire.

Totally clueless at this point.

  • Pablo

Hello Pablo,

did you do any preloading of information into the assignment?
Do you still have the preloading files?
Is this a new interview you are trying to create on the tablet, or it was rejected and returned to the tablet?
What if you reassign to a different interviewer? Can he start the interview? Can the interview be started from the Web Interface?

Get a backup snapshot from the tablet that is affected. the logs should have a more detailed crash data.

Then copied the questionaire on designer ( CPV_CAPI_Area_Urb_PMM_x) without any changes, imported it , created a new ZIP with the same files updating the name of the main to the variable name of the copy, uploaded that ZIP, worked fine.
Imported new versions of the originakl questionaire and the copy. On the new version of the original the assignment throws an error, on the assignment on the copied questionaire it succeeds.

$ diff CPV_CAPI_Area_Urb_PMM_2.json CPV_CAPI_Area_Urb_PMM_x_1.json
<   "Revision": 46,
>   "Revision": 2,
<       "AttachmentId": "6c64d317-e343-4fff-b9e9-ffa3fc1af7a8",
>       "AttachmentId": "78de8681-d525-49d3-aec8-9690384759f4",
<       "AttachmentId": "39110dfa-03f0-4ba1-9d47-bf01fc9a3939",
>       "AttachmentId": "7b8700cb-f567-47b6-9b2e-8a7a71e10c03",
<   "CreationDate": "2021-10-05T17:29:08.6058487",
>   "CreationDate": "2021-10-28T16:50:48.2160608",
<   "PublicKey": "5e5d139f-d972-4316-bb6a-2664c0e67a7e",
<   "Title": "PMM Area Urbana",
>   "PublicKey": "14a1684d-a39b-4714-b25a-943a4c0fdc93",
>   "Title": "PMM Area Urbana_x",
<   "VariableName": "CPV_CAPI_Area_Urb_PMM",
>   "VariableName": "CPV_CAPI_Area_Urb_PMM_x",

Can the interview be started without a tablet, but via web? (the interview created using that method that fails on the tablet)

No, for a very short moment can see some dialog box, it desapears and the page stays the same.

The test we’re doing now includes a single questionnaire imported on the local server on a specific workspace. This questionnaire has rosters. The assignment is created successfully with a zip file that contains preloaded data (Blocks, streets and street numbers). From the Interviewer we synchronize the assignment and we tried to create an interview from that assignment. Then the error shows up. From the Web interface, it cannot create interviews, but it shows no error. The page just stays there.

A little twist made a couple minutes ago was to import the same questionnaire with a different name variable and different name. We manually adapted the zip to be compatible with this questionnaire (We didn’t change the data, only the names of some files) and everything works fine, including the creation of the interview. This behavior was replicated on different interviewers.

An additional case:

  • We imported another questionaire on a new workspace
  • Created some assignments, same assigments with the same ZIP by two different users with two (different brand) devices, the ZIP contained 4 assigments with no data on “_responsible” field.
  • The assignments failed on starting interviews
  • We closed and archived all tjose assigments
  • Deleted the imported questionare
  • Imported the same questionaire again (this one was version 2 now)
  • Uploaded the same ZIP files for the same two users
  • This time the assigments had no trouble to start the inteviews

We are trying to check if this is stable, meaning that the questionaire some times is imported with some error and then the assigments fails, but it was imported without than invisible error the assigments will work fine.

  • Pablo