Interviewer Comments

Can supervisors see comments posted by the interviewers at the end of the survey (completion screen)?

if so could you please advise how, as my supervisor is trying to search for the comments posted by the interviewers but can’t find them.

Thank you

Dear @Naimi ,
I believe you are talking about the NOTE FOR SUPERVISOR field from the Complete screen on the Interviewer application (please take a look at the screenshot below):

You could find this note on the Interview status history modal. The modal could be triggered via context menu from Interviews page or corresponded link on the Interview details page. Please take a look at the video.

Thanks that was very helpful

i have another question, is it possible for supervisor to view forms after it has been approved to keep track what has been submitted and what hasn’t ?

Once an interview gets Supervisor Approved status, corresponded supervisor can no longer review it. From this moment, the interview is the responsibility of headquarters and can be returned to the supervisor “side” only if the status is changed to Rejected by Headquarters.

Thank you very much for all your support.