Interviewer assigned interview - Unable to approve or reject

I have assigned tasks to a supervisor, which then assigned to an interviewer successfully, the interview was done and synced. Later, the supervisor assigned the same assignment back to its supervisor account bt it does not allow the supervisor nor HQ to approve/reject the interview, as the status becomes interviewer assigned! This behaviour is undesired, the idea behind assigning back to the supervisor was for the assignment to disappear from the interviewer tablet , as the supervisors cannot archive assignments. Can I not reassign tasks after the interview is submitted and still be able to approve/reject them?

Dear @tercioshq ,

To be honest, your description confuses a bit. Could you please clarify the scenario? It would be great if you share the full chain of events with us.
Lemme help and please keep it in mind, there are two different entities in Survey Solutions: an assignment and an interview. Both of them have their own life cycle and features. When an interview is created from the assignment it becomes independent thing. Reassigning of the assignment has no effect on the interview (its status, responsible person, mode, etc.) Also when interview has “Interviewer assigned” state it cannot be Rejected, Approved, Completed by supervisor. The Survey Solutions is working in this way right now. So, please describe what happened with the interview and the assignment separately step-by-step.

Thanks @vfedoseev . Maybe understanding under what circumstances an interview get the status “interviewer assigned” will help. Once the interviewer syncs with HQ, I understand the first status is expected to be “Completed”, so why do I have interviews with Status “interviewer assigned”? What causes this status?

It is not always true and could be explained by Partial synchronization feature. When the checkbox (please take a look at the screenshot below) is selected on Workspace Settings page then interviews will be delivered to a server even in Interviewer Assigned state.

Thank you, this is clear now.