Interviewer App will not connect to new server over https

We just set up a new server (v22.2.06) Installed SSL from Let’s encrypt.
Headquarters works fine. On the diagnostics page, everything looks good (green).
I created some test interviewer accounts, and I can login to the HQ on the web using SSL.
When I connect via tablet, https does not work, but logging in via http does work. Is there something wrong with my settings in Windows IIS?


It depends on your server environment and tablet.
Do these threads describe similar issue:

Thank you Vitalii,
I think it is similar to the 2nd issue (Interviewer not connecting to HTTPS on local server installation…).
I am using “Certify the Web”. I tried this on 3 different Android tablets (v5.1.1, v7.0., and v12) . The issue only occurs on the Android v5 and v7. The v12 tablet works fine with https.

From reading the “Certify the Web” documentation, I thought they had resolved this issue for older Android tablets. I guess that is not the case.