Interviewer app syncing issues

Dear Survey Team,

We have an issue with an Interview that has been completed on the Interviewer app (tablet), but when we try to sync the Interviewer app with its responsible Supervisor (using the Supervisor Offline app) this particular Interview does not move from the Interviewer app (tablet). Both the Supervisor offline app and the Interviewer app indicates the the synchronization was successful and we can see newly added / rejected Interviews that has been sent to the Interviewer, however this particular ‘Completed’ Interview does not what to move. Even if we sync again it shows that 1 out of 1 was successful but this Interview remains on the Interviewer app and remains on the Supervisor app as sent to the Interviewer.
We have reopened the Interview on the Interviewer app and marked it as complete again but still the same.

We are running Survey Solutions version 19.12.6 on a local server and tablets with the Interviewer app syncing to and from the Supervisor Offline app.

Could you please advise if there is anything that we can try from our side to send this completed Interview to the Supervisor’s tablet.

Kind regards
Eugene Ehlers

If anyone experiences the same issue on a cloud server, please contact support with the info according to the GREEN support checklist.