Interviewer app: possible ideas to improve "Search assignments"

Under the current version (21.05), an interviewer can sync assigments and see it on a list. When you want to search an assigment, it’s possible to filter based on one attribute defined on the cover page of your questionnaire. This has limited the way I can look for an assigments when the number of assigment increase (If I have 20 assigments on the app, it’s already a challenge to conduct surveys considering the use of multiple questionnaires to apply on multiple locations).

It would be nice to improve the app adding more filters or tags based on used questionnaires or multiple attributes of the identifying information (Something similar to what the jQuery plug-in DataTables does), so it’s easier to group or filter a set of assigments and the search is more efficient.

We have recently introduced this functionality that we named dynamic filters to the HQ where the number of interviews is large by design of the system. release notes 21.05

The number of interviews and assignments on the tablets is expected to be much less, and formulating syntax expressions for interviewers may be too cumbersome, hence it is not on the tablets.

Grid-like presentation could have been possible had all interviews have the same identifying fields. In practice this is often not the case, and the different surveys nominate different number and type of identifying fields. It is the same reason why the identifying data is concatenated in the HQ grids.

In practice 20 is a good number to start telling your supervisor to not add more work until you finish this bite. Of course, it depends on the frequency of synchronization, duration of interview, travel time, percentage of refusals and other factors. Also, this may be a call to revise the choice of the identifying fields : their number, order, and the information they present.